Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Arkansas: Scenic Overlook - Oct 28

We went to Mountain Home yesterday to visit a friend in the hospital and stopped on the way home to take photos at an overlook not far from Mountain View. We were surprised at how pretty the view was on yet another rainy day. It has rained most of the time since we arrived in Mountain View on 9/1/09.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Arkansas: Mountain View - Puffin Map 10/14

I just discovered the "bug map" feature on This map shows the route the travel bug I left in Newfoundland has taken since I left it there (near the Skerwink Trail) in 2008. It now has almost 16,000 miles on it. My other travel bug, a memorial bug carrying a photo of our granddaughter has not been seen since it arrived in Colorado months ago. I keep hoping it will show up, but I don't have much hope any more. :-(

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Arkansas: Mountain View - The Gang - Sep 30

Bill and Susan left the end of September and we enjoyed a farewell dinner at their place on one of the few days we haven't had rain. Front row, left to right: Mary Jane, Susan, Jean. Back row: Bill, Karen, Galen, Ron and Donna.

Arkansas: Mountain View - Party Animals

The party wasn't really wasn't a wild one, but you can't tell that by this photo. :-)

Arkansas: Mountain View - Ozark RV Park

You will find few parks more friendly than the Ozark RV Park and the office is the place to be in the morning. There is always coffee, usually donuts or other goodies, lots of laughter, and sometimes a mini-jam session. That's Galen on the far left and next to him is Andy, the owner of the park. Major, the sweet Corgi in the middle of things, belongs to Jack and Mary.

Arkansas: Mountain View - Courting Dulcimer - Oct 8, 2009

Jack and Mary playing the courting dulcimer on the daytime stage at the Ozark Folk Center. The theory was that a couple could be left alone in a room as long as music from the two dulcimers could be heard. :-)

Arkansas: Mountain View - The CD - Oct 8, 2009

We picked up our CDs yesterday! Here are a few photos taken during the recording.

Jack at the controls in his home studio. He was endlessly patient with us and his and Mary's musical talents added so much to the final product.

Bill, Susan, and Galen listening to the playback of September on the Mississippi that we had just recorded. Each of us played a different dulcimer part on this beautiful song that Larry Conger originally wrote to be a teaching tool.

This was Emily's first time to be on a CD. We conspired with her parents to get her to play her fiddle on the song her grandmother helped write as a surprise for her grandmother.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mountain View - CD! - October 2, 2009

We finished up with the recording and mixing our first CD yesterday and I put the final touches on the cover today. Off to the duplicating service early next week.