Friday, August 24, 2012


We've driven past this place a number of times this summer but decided to stop and check it out.  The gift shop was closed but we paid our $5 for the carload (four of us and one dog) and had lots of fun looking around and taking photos.  Supposedly aliens have been spotted around here since the 1600s.

We didn't stay the night.

We had a ball wandering around the garden to see what people left.  There was a lot of money, mostly coins and one of the coins was a looney from Canada.  It is very bad karma to take anything from the garden so the coins we saw are still there.  There were quite a few cell phones lying around, too.  We didn't feel either the clockwise or counterclockwise vortex.  Jen and Ken left a bell and we left a small Altoids box with one Altoid in it.

Our offering to the garden.

We took this photo for our Mountain View friends.  The alien is wearing Galen's Mountain View hat along with a whole lot of other stuff people hung on him, but Galen took his hat back.

Here comes a UFO now looking for a parking place.

The Watchtower.

A view of the Garden from the Watchtower.

Had to get at least one rabbit ears photo.   :-)

Wiry little guy.

Galen looks like he is watching intently for UFOs but I expect his eyes are closed behind his glasses.

Ken, Jen and alien friend.

The End.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Take a Hike - Aug 20

Wondering why I posted this photo?  See the bits of yellow in the trees in the background?  Those are aspen and they are proof that fall is on its way to Colorado.  The trees will be a brilliant yellow soon - a sight to see but not for us this year.  It was 56 degrees inside our house when we got up this morning and it is about time for us to hitch up our "house" and drop down about 7000' to warmer weather.

Jen, Galen and Deja took a hike up the mountain this morning.  There is no way my knees would appreciate coming down such a steep grade but Jen said Galen hiked like a youngster.

I am sure Jen would want me to tell you that is not all her under that jacket.  It looks like an inopportune breeze puffed it up but the tree was really cool so....   :-)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Flowers and Trailer

It is beginning to feel like fall around here but the flowers look like spring.

These grow all along Rt 150 and Rt 6.

We have been looking for a little trailer to haul stuff that didn't cost $1500 or more and found this one in South Fork for $400.  Jen and Ken lived in South Fork for a while and discovered they knew the man selling the trailer.

Alamosa concert

Alamosa has free concerts in the park on Sunday nights during the summer.  This is a popular local group called Sweet Radish.  If it looks like people are bundled up, it is because they are.  It was so windy and chilly we went home at intermission.

Storm coming but we are almost home in this photo and beat the rain.

Blue Dome

We went here to see if there was anything for sale that we could use.  All we found was a long level but it was worth the trip just to see this house.

More sky photos

We have a lot of sky here and the sunsets just don't quit.  Galen took this dramatic shot of a cloudy sunset.

This is a moonrise.  The full moons are so bright it looks like dusk at night.

Double rainbow

Galen caught the sun and the moon and the clouds doing pretty things to the Valley in this shot.

Crestone Music Festival - Aug 4

The weather was perfect for the festival and there was something for everyone from babies to old geezers like us.  We expected a lot of junk food but there was an abundance of healthy choices to choose from.  There was a lot of color - both visual and auditory.

We went mainly to see the Taiko drummers, a group that has been in Crestone for nine years.  It was amazing and amazingly physical.  You need to be quite strong to play these drums.

This gal has only been playing for five years but she is a Taiko star!

This is not the most colorful outfit we saw.

Hula Hoops were a big deal.  I was tempted to see if I could still do it, but not too tempted to do more than think about it.