Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Marie!

We went to Frostproof, FL (isn't that a great name for a city?) to surprise Marie, the birthday girl.  We had an excellent dinner at Jacaranda, a lovely historic hotel.  Left to right:  Marie, Harry, Karen, Galen, Larry, and Lu.  Harry and Marie are from Ontario and we met them here in Palmdale five years ago.  It was so nice to see them again.

Hotel Jacaranda

Visiting Florida friends

Palmdale, FL

Home Sweet Home.  Our RV is the white one between the trees.

Another view of our current home.  Our RV is the one on the left of the two RVs.  The one on the right belongs to our good friends, Larry and Lu.

Small blue heron in "our" pond.  There are two ponds in the RV park.

Three of the local sandhill cranes, also at "our" pond.
A better shot of the sandhill cranes.  We have seen as many as eight at a time in the RV park.

We visited with friends on the way to Palmdale.  We parked for nearly a week in Bob and Sue's front yard in Tampa.  We had a great time visiting and eating yummy vegan meals.  Also, Karen especially liked hanging out with Nicky, a sweet little poodle.

Galen, Bill, and Joy in an historic Episcopal Church in Monticello, FL.  We hung out with Bill and Joy for a couple of days.

The courthouse in Monticello sits smack dab in the middle of a round about in Monticello.

We met Ted and Dottie and Holly and Willie at Pop's near Venice, FL.  This photo was taken from our RV parking spot and Ted and Dottie picked us up and took us over the drawbridge to eat at Pop's.  It was kind of a gray day so I Photoshopped this photo to make it look almost as good as the food we had.

Homosassa Wildlife Park

Can't remember what kind of bird this is but the nickname for it is Mexican Eagle.

Photoshopped this photos to make it worth posting.

Cute little owl

So we go to a wildlife park and shoot a photo of a squirrel but it is a squirrel with an ice cream cone.

More impressive looking birds.

We stopped at this park mainly to see the manatees but only saw this one in a lousy little man-made pool.  That was disappointing.  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Koinonia Christmas Party

Our Sunday school class always has our Christmas party after Christmas, usually in January but it was held December 30 this year so Galen and I would still be in town and able to join in the fun.  At this point, we've all had a delicious dinner and are opening white elephant gifts.

Galen taking Dan's gift.  Dan was the first one to choose a gift and he was good at it because his gift was not only taken by Galen but by four other people, too.

Why this photo?  He just had back surgery.

Rick and our hostess.