Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Visit to the Park

Shep and I went for a ride on the bike trail (no photos) and then went over to the park.  Shep scrambled right up to the top of a World War II tank in the park while Galen and I looked, again, for a geocache hidden somewhere on the tank.  We have read it has taken people looking as many as ten times before they found it.  This was only our second try.

What a great tree for a photograph and a great photo of Shep.  Well done, Galen!  He took the tank photos, too.

Little Cowboy

Shep modeled his Halloween costume for us.  He already has the strong, silent cowboy look down.

Cowboy and horse both wearing their hats the same way.  I hope they don't run into anything.  :-)

The Pumpkin Patch

These cute little guys were on our wristbands at the...

...Kansas City Pumpkin Patch

We drove to Kansas to visit Val, Shep and Jason and they took us to the Pumpkin Patch.  We had heard about it before but had never been there and it was a great thing to do on a fall day.  The first thing we did was wander around through a corn maze, but I couldn't fit the photos in.  Galen and  I had never been in a corn maze before and it was fun.   We didn't get a bit lost but we heard a few days later about some folks calling 911 because they were lost in one.  Turns out they were only 25' from the entrance.

Galen (and his infamous bunny ears), Shep, and Karen wearing her new Mountain View stick people shirt.  Note the dulcimer player on the left.  It's the reason she bought the shirt.  :-)

There were all kinds of fun things for kids to do at the Pumpkin Patch.

Wiping out was not one of them.

Time out for a bandage and we were ready for more fun.

Isn't Shep cute?

Shep playing in a corn box instead of a sand box.  We later found pieces of corn under that bandage.

Jason and Shep on the pumpkin slide.

We took a little ride on this train to the Land of Oz.  We were, after all, in Kansas.

These bouncy horses were pretty cute but hard to control for someone whose arms aren't long enough to reach around the horse's neck.

Jason trying out a larger horse.

Shep is in the caboose.

Boing Boing Boing!  They would let only kids under a certain height on this huge bouncy thing for a while and then would switch to only kids over a certain height.  It was fun watching the really small kids bounce around.

Another small kid.  :-)

Jason, Val and Shep each picked out a pumpkin to take home.  Shep liked this one.

The end of a great day at the Pumpkin Patch.

Wrapping up the Gathering

The day before The Gathering ended, we met in the Pickin' Shed to talk about next year.

Mary and Jack led the discussion.  It was decided that The Gathering was a huge success but you can get too much of a good thing so next year The Gathering will last for one week instead of two and will be held the last week of September so it doesn't interfere with all the people who come to Ozark RV Park in October.  There will be fewer concerts and probably no open mic.  Classes will be scheduled to give everyone a longer lunch hour that can include time for a much needed nap!

This is a list of the songs that were taught during The Gathering.  There were over 50 free workshops!  No wonder everyone was so worn out.

Downtown Mountain View

Be sure and stop in Mountain View!

Weather has been beautiful and I couldn't resist a shot of this clear blue sky.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sep 26 - The Gathering - Day One

One of the first workshops of the week.

This is one of the second workshops and the gnats are now wide awake so out come the Bounce sheets.

Gail didn't want her photo taken so of course I took it.

Judy, Mary, and Jack giving a mini concert.




It was these three who came up with the idea of The Gathering.

We started the week with a tentative schedule but the schedule was subject to change so we would check the board each morning to see what was happening.

There is a place on the back of the board to post info about a class you would like to teach or a song you would like to learn.

One of the more creative Bounce fashions.

Sep 27 - The Gathering - Day Two

Misty plays dulcimer with an open tuning she learned from a man who started playing in 1916 and he learned from the blacks who worked on the boats that went up and down the river in the days before dams and bridges.  Her stories were so interesting and once again, I didn't take notes so will try to talk with her again sometime and pin down more information.
It was pretty hot out on the sunny stage so we just pulled out chairs up close and enjoyed Misty's mini-concert in the shade.

Another Bounce sheet fashion statement made by Judy.

And one by Colleen.

The gnats don't bother Little but all the activity and people wear her out.

The Long Ago String Band giving a mini-concert.