Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pensacola Lighthouse

We visited the historic and haunted Pensacola Lighthouse after we left the museum.

The lighthouse is said to be be haunted by Michaela Ingraham, the light keepers wife.  She and Jeremiah moved to the lighthouse in 1826.  He died in 1840 and it is possible he was murdered by Michaela but that was never proven and she took over his job.  She died in 1855 and is said to be a hostile ghost who wants to be left alone.

There are 177 steps to the top and Larry is the only one of the four of us who took on the challenge.
Larry taking photos of us taking photos of him.
We didn't stay long at Fort Barrancus because it was closed but did stay long enough to get a geocache related to these mortars and guns and take a silly photo.

Pensacola Naval Air Museum

Larry, Lu, Galen and I visited the impressive Naval Air Museum.  We needed this photo for a virtual geocache located in front of the museum.

There is an outstanding variety of actual planes from WWI and WWII inside the museum.  Admission is free.  It is easy to spend hours there and if you get hungry, food at the Cubi Cafe is good.  There is an iMax theater in the building and simulators, including a 4D simulator, available but they aren't free.

The building is so nicely set up and spotlessly clean.

This plane is the USS TEXAS.  Note where the guns are in relation to the propeller.  This could have been quite dangerous but the guns and propeller are synchronized.

Galen standing next to an actual space shuttle.

Larry in the cockpit.
Galen thought about getting in the cockpit, too, but....
....there was no way he could fit his long legs into this.

Blue Angels hanging from the upper level of the museum.

Galen, Karen, Lu, and Larry in front of what is basically a very large drone.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dauphin Island

Galen and I got up early and headed 30 miles south toward Gulf Shores to catch the ferry to Dauphin Island but the ferry never left the island because of fog.  So we drove the 30 miles back and then 60 more miles to reach our destination.  This photo of the ferry was taken in Dauphin Island where the ferry spent the whole day.

We played music for two hours and then enjoyed an excellent lunch prepared by our good Dauphin Island/Mountain View friends.

They are excellent cooks!
Normally fog burns off late in the morning but not here, at least not today.  We drove home in patchy, thick fog.  This is the entrance of the Bayway Tunnel.
Inside the tunnel.

Once out of the tunnel we were back in the fog all the way across the Bayway.  Once we were away from the water, the fog was not much of a problem.

The Plantation

Sunset at the Plantation Escapees Park near Summerdale, AL.

Our home sweet Plantation home.
Galen is enjoying all the jams.  This one is at the Senior Center in Foley.

Alabama Geocaching Event in Foley, AL

Lu, Larry, Karen, Galen, and Chris at a Geocaching Event in Foley, Alabama.  Chris is from Mobile and we met him at the event.

There was a vendor at the event selling cool geocaching goodies.  See the numbers on the back of her vehicle?  They are travel bug numbers that turn her car into a moving travel bug.

We didn't take part in the entire event - just the poker run.  We had to find five sites, pick up an envelope at each site, and after finding all five we turned in our envelopes to see what kind of poker hand we had.  I won a geocache container that I can use when we settle down or find someone somewhere who will maintain it.

More travel bug numbers.  These were on the back of the shirt Chris was wearing.