Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Road shots

This looks kind of ominous but it really wasn't.

No, it didn't snow on the way home from Crystal Bridges.  It's just me playing with Photoshop.

One last road shot.

Crystal Bridges - The grounds

Buckyball.  I sure would like to see one of these shows.



Redbuds and dogwoods and an uncomfortable looking bench made from a wire form stuffed with rocks.

I couldn't decide which view of this tree outside the entrance of Crystal Bridges so included both.

Crystal Bridges Hotel

There is a hotel in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas that is part of and within walking distance of the museum.  We didn't stay there because all four floors of the place were booked but our friend, Mary, stayed there and took us on a tour.  There is original art in all the rooms, in the hallways, in the lobby and outside the building.

This was my favorite piece of art at the hotel.  It is a pencil drawing of childhood fears and there is so much in it to see.  Mary and I are obviously enthralled.  It is pretty spooky but there are things in it that made us laugh, too.  We must have good taste:  The original sold for $38,000!

On an outside wall of the hotel.

These guys are hidden around a corner and scared me half to death when I went around said corner.  Air is being pumped in and out of them at different rates for each one so they look like they are breathing.

Remember those pins with the pearl heads?  That is what this bonnet is made of which looks pretty cool but would be awfully uncomfortable to wear.

Outside the hotel.  Galen had to get this photo.

This is called "The Raft" and the license plates are from Cuba.

Irreconcilable Differences.  :-)

Crystal Bridges Art Museum

We had heard wonderful things about Crystal Bridges for a number of years and this year, thanks to our friend Mary from San Antonio was visiting Crystal Bridges, inspired us to get there.  It was a wonderful trip!  Weather was perfect and the dogwoods at Crystal Bridges and all the way there and all the way back were gorgeous.

Crystal Bridges - a small part of this beautiful complex.

Another view.

Inside one of the galleries.

Interesting artwork.

This is in the 20th Century gallery and looked a bit spooky.  I made it a bit spookier in Photoshop.

Galen perfectly posing with another piece of art in the 20th Century gallery.

This is called Summer Night and I really like it - I don't remember who the artist is.

Andrew Wyeth is the artist for this one.

One of the galleries.

Button button, who's got the button.  This piece is covered entirely with buttons.

This was so amazing I didn't take a photo but Galen did.  This sculpture is at least twice life-sized and is so real right down to a stubble of beard.
The coffee shop and cafeteria at Crystal Bridges.  It was even prettier out the other side but we never got over there.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Folk Festival Parade - Mountain View, AR

Galen took all these parade photos so of course needed to include a 1957 Chevy.

Young and old.  I really like this photo.

The Shriners on their "flying carpets".  Not the curly toes on their shoes.

You can't see him on this photo but Galen is on the stage playing his washtub bass with the Minnesota Frozen Five band.  The building is the Stone County Courthouse.

Now you can see him.  Hundreds of people were sitting on bleachers and in chairs on the lawn listening.  The weather was absolutely perfect for the Folk Festival weekend.  Today, Monday, it has been raining on and off all day long.
Galen singing a song for the crowd.  We can hardly go anywhere in Mountain View any more without running into people who know him.  In addition to playing at the Folk Festival, he plays at the Folk Center and downtown on the square.


I already had my jammies on but had to run out and see the rainbows a few nights ago.  We could see both ends of the single rainbow and the colors were brilliant.  Galen, who was still dressed, took the photos.

I recently learned that when there is a double rainbow the second rainbow's colors will be opposite of the first rainbow.  That was pretty clear with these two rainbows.

Alabama Bound Road Shots

I am backtracking a bit.  These photos were taken from the truck on our way to Alabama in February.  We started out under dark clouds and proceeded to drive out from under them into a pretty day.

Blue sky ahead

Heart Attack on a Stick

On April 10 a bunch of us in the RV park got together to cook heart attacks on a stick over an open fire.  I had heard about this from the Minnesota folks for years but this was my first time to cook and eat one.  They are pretty darn good even if you don't let the bacon grease drip onto a bun as it is cooking.

A closeup of a heart attack on a stick.  It consists of onion, green pepper, and thick-sliced and seasoned bacon.  After it is cooked over a fire, it is slid onto a bun.