Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Crystal Bridges Hotel

There is a hotel in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas that is part of and within walking distance of the museum.  We didn't stay there because all four floors of the place were booked but our friend, Mary, stayed there and took us on a tour.  There is original art in all the rooms, in the hallways, in the lobby and outside the building.

This was my favorite piece of art at the hotel.  It is a pencil drawing of childhood fears and there is so much in it to see.  Mary and I are obviously enthralled.  It is pretty spooky but there are things in it that made us laugh, too.  We must have good taste:  The original sold for $38,000!

On an outside wall of the hotel.

These guys are hidden around a corner and scared me half to death when I went around said corner.  Air is being pumped in and out of them at different rates for each one so they look like they are breathing.

Remember those pins with the pearl heads?  That is what this bonnet is made of which looks pretty cool but would be awfully uncomfortable to wear.

Outside the hotel.  Galen had to get this photo.

This is called "The Raft" and the license plates are from Cuba.

Irreconcilable Differences.  :-)

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