Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dec - Sunday School

Our Sunday school class brought in shoes, socks and underwear for CAM this morning.  Christian Assistance Ministry is a San Antonio organization that assists the the homeless and several members of our class work at least once a week with CAM.  Not everything got hauled upstairs to our classroom and a few people are missing from the photo, too.  For the past nine years our class has sponsored Undie Sundays in June and requests donations of socks and underwear from the whole church.  The crosses on the wall come from all over the place.  We all bring them back from vacations and amazingly there are only a couple of duplications.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dec 4 - Gig in Comfort, TX

We played from 4-6 on a lovely day in Comfort.  
Galen and I have our good sides to the camera.

After the gig we stopped at PoPo's in Welfare, TX for dinner.  
This is our friend Richard.

There are about 2000 plates hanging on the walls at PoPo's.

Dec 3 - Riverpickers party

Lovely party - good food, good friends, and good music.

Nov 16 - A day together

Galen and I had a lovely day together today.  We started by exploring the new section of the Riverwalk

These fish glow in the dark.  San Antonio Art Museum is in the background.

Another view of the fish and new section of Riverwalk.

The old Pearl Brewery

After walking the Riverwalk, we went to a movie at the Quarry.

It is not your average movie theater.