Friday, August 22, 2014

Pool Photos

Karen and Ibbe at the pool.  Ibbe is Jen and Ken's so cute and very sweet Great Pyrenees puppy.

Galen, KD, and Karen in the hot springs pool.

Three unrelated photos

This caboose is the drive through at the state bank in La Junta, CO.

The churches in Alamosa band together to provide snacks, information, hospitality, and strong backs for moving students into the dorm. 

Chimney Sweep preparing to clean out the chimney of our new house.  He spent a very short time on the roof but about an hour inside the house.  New roof tomorrow!  Making progress.

Nature photos

More pretty sunsets.

Medano Creek is still running strong at the Great Sand Dunes NP.  This is very strange for late August.

This cloud looks like a flying saucer.  And very recently what might be a crop circle was found in the area.

An exclamation point cloud.

Cabin and critters

Jen and Ken have been living in their cabin for almost a year.  This is a view of it from the side and back.  The geese and chickens and ducks are new additions to the family.

View from the side.  The little RV is being used as a chicken coop.

View from the back.

View from the front.

Karen and curious chicken.

KD holding a chicken.  They were both nervous so we were lucky to get this photo.

Colorado 285

We picked KD up in Denver for a visit and took the wonderfully scenic Rt. 285 back to Alamosa.

We stopped at a pull off to take a few photos.

Wish I could remember what was so funny.

More composed.  :-)

This storm never caught up to us.

Music and beet greens

Galen played with Lloyd, Joyce and their friends for an RV Rally in Buena Vista, Colorado.

There was a nice turnout and everyone seemed to have a good time.   Galen's songs were a big hit.

The following week Lloyd and Joyce came to Alamosa to play at the farmers market with us.  That day was national bee day so there were several people at the market who looked like bees.

Galen, Karen, Karen, Lloyd, and Joyce.

Ken, Jen and Abe worked at the farmers market the same day introducing folks to beet greens.  Too many people don't know how good they are but more know now.

Newspaper and Auction

We made the newspaper again and in addition to the photos, we were mentioned in an article.  Jen and Ken have been in the paper twice.

We went to an auction near Monte Vista.  Lots of people and lots of stuff!

All we bought is this little steamer trunk that desperately needs some TLC.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 5, 2014

August 5, is Galen's birthday and our 48th anniversary.  All these photos were taken from Ken and Jen's place.

This was supposed to be deck furniture for people but the chickens took over.

Deja is ready for her nap.

Galen and Pim.  Pim thinks he is people.

Galen next to the hemplings Jen and Ken are growing for the seeds.  This is industrial hemp.  Not the kind you put in brownies.  :-)

Celebrating Galen's birthday and our anniversary with some of our friends.

Nap time is about over for this kitty.

I started "talking" to Monroe and must have been saying something interesting because he kept getting closer and closer.

Isn't he cute?

Pim doesn't have any chicken friends but he loves to be around people.

Little Simon.

Jen and Ken painted the floor of their cabin and Pim came in to check it out while the paint was still wet.  It was decided the tracks add personality to the floor so they were not painted over.

Karen and Pim.

Mosca Pass Hike

Jen and Ken hiked the Mosca Pass Trail and Galen brought home these photos.

A view of the Great Sand Dunes from the Mosca Pass Trail.

Jen taking a break.