Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 24 - Prison Tour

Cell Block A
Cell Block B - It was this dark even when prisoners lived here.
Cell Block C - The most haunted cell block

The white spots are toothpaste globs used to hang photos, etc.
Cell in Cell Block B

The kitchen.  The dining room is on the right.

Weird painting - the sheep on the right actually appears to turn his head and look at you as you pass by.

The gallows is behind these doors.

Galen and I in the gas chamber where nine men were put to death.  Creepy, huh?

Sad story.  This young girl was seized with an urge to kill someone while making pies.  She poisoned one of the pies and the next day put it in her father's lunch.  Her father died and she went to prison.  She said she didn't know why she killed him.

July 23 - Wyoming Historic State Pen

After being kicked out of the RVer unfriendly town of Sinclair at 8:15 p.m., we moved on to Rawlins and parked in front of the prison for the night.

July 22 - Poudre Canyon

A camper in Kansas told us about Poudre Canyon near Fort Collins and we are so glad we had the time to check it out.  It was beautiful!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 20 - Moving on

Mama and baby moose at the edge of I-70.  Honking vehicles scared them back into the trees.
Tunnel on I-70

We left Buena Vista early this morning and returned to Golden to pick up our RV and head toward Fort Collins.  We opted to go through Leadville and then catch I-70 into Denver instead of going back through Fairplay.  It was a pretty drive!

We didn't intentionally do so, but took the scenic route to our new home in Horsetooth Reservoir.   If you look closely you can see the Canadian geese and the reservoir in the background.  It is wonderfully peaceful and quiet here and we are enjoying the break.

July 19 - Busy Day

Another visit with San Antonio friends!  Mary and Don stayed long enough to try out the trikes and have lunch.  After lunch we dropped Jen and Ken off in Fairplay, CO and Galen and I went on to Buena Vista to visit Mountain View friends.  We had a jam session, nice visit, stayed overnight with  Lloyd and Joyce.

July 18 - After the Dash

After the Dash we got together with family again for pizza in another park.  There are four generations in this photo.

Of course the trikes were a big hit again.

July 18 - Donor Dash

The Annual Donor Dash raises awareness of and money for organ donation.  It is held in Washington Park, one of the prettiest parks in Denver and 3500 runners/walkers made this year's event a record breaker.  Jen and Ken set up a table and sold JenTiles to raise funds for their trip.

The cute little girl belongs to one of the volunteers.  I don't know who the shirt belongs to, but I could relate.  :-)

The purple signs area is called the Donor Garden and it was quite moving to walk through it and see the photos of organ donors.  I read something very moving I don't want to forget so am including it on this blog:  "Life has to end.  Love doesn't."

The woman on stage was very active until struck down by a rare heart disease that left her barely able to get out of bed let alone play with her grandchildren until she received a heart transplant.

One woman told me she was part of a family team and they all had shirts on with the organ donor's name on them.  They spotted another team with the same name, people they didn't know so they asked them about it.  They were the recipient family.  If we ever go to a Donor Dash again, I need to remember to bring Kleenex.

July 14 - 16th Street

My main reason for wanting to go to 16th street was to go to the Tattered Covered Bookstore, but I didn't take any photos of it at all.  This photo was taken at a free outdoor concert.  Galen and I walked up almost the entire length of 16th in blistering but dry heat, stopping at Mad Greens for delicious salads, and to listen to the concert for a bit before taking the free bus back.  We saved the Tattered Cover for last, hung out there a while, and then caught the light rail back to the Park and Ride.

July 13 - Concert

Galen and I went home for showers and naps and returned for dinner with Gwen and Dan at Woody's.  After dinner we went to a free guitar and dulcimer concert which didn't turn out to be what we expected since they didn't play any of the traditional music associated with the dulcimer.  But the evening was lovely and so was the park and we enjoyed the whole experience.

July 13 - Muddy feet

The Clear Creek Trail was pretty muddy in places so Chile took a dip and got her feet cleaned off.  She had complete bath when she got home. 

July 13 - Clear Creek

Our San Antonio friends, Dan and Gwen, are renting a house in Golden for two months so we got together in the morning for a beautiful hike along Clear Creek.

July 12 - Denver family

The first thing we did after getting set up in Golden was to go into Denver to visit family.  Aunt Barb is my father's sister.  My uncle Diti wouldn't ride the trike but agreed to sit in one.  My cousin, Peg loved riding it.  Jen and Ken rode their bikes to the famous Bonnie Brae Ice Cream shop while Galen, Peg and I walked.  Jen and Peg rode them back.

July 10 - Moving on

We decided to stay in The Springs another couple of days and then move on to the fairgrounds near Golden, but couldn't stay in the same site so had to hitch up and move about 100'.  We had a farewell to Colorado Springs breakfast at the Mountain Shadow Restaurant.  Great green chile sauce there!