Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 18 - Donor Dash

The Annual Donor Dash raises awareness of and money for organ donation.  It is held in Washington Park, one of the prettiest parks in Denver and 3500 runners/walkers made this year's event a record breaker.  Jen and Ken set up a table and sold JenTiles to raise funds for their trip.

The cute little girl belongs to one of the volunteers.  I don't know who the shirt belongs to, but I could relate.  :-)

The purple signs area is called the Donor Garden and it was quite moving to walk through it and see the photos of organ donors.  I read something very moving I don't want to forget so am including it on this blog:  "Life has to end.  Love doesn't."

The woman on stage was very active until struck down by a rare heart disease that left her barely able to get out of bed let alone play with her grandchildren until she received a heart transplant.

One woman told me she was part of a family team and they all had shirts on with the organ donor's name on them.  They spotted another team with the same name, people they didn't know so they asked them about it.  They were the recipient family.  If we ever go to a Donor Dash again, I need to remember to bring Kleenex.

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