Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1 - Pikes Peak

The four of us rode the Cog Train to Pikes Peak today.  It was toasty warm in Manitou Springs but chilly at the Peak.  We ate the traditional donuts and took bunches of photos of the beautiful scenery.  Jen saw one deer and I saw two marmots but didn't get photos of them.  There were only three cars on our train but the grade got so steep at one point (25% grade) that the front of the train was three stories higher than the back.  We were told not to worry if the brakes didn't hold on the way down because there were two large springs at the bottom:  Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs.  :-)

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  1. Hey! I remember being there with you about a year and a half ago! Brings back the memories!