Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 8 - Media Meeting

Jessica from Channel 5 news filming Jen and Ken as they pedal toward Sunnyside Church to meet Dillon and his family.

Jen giving Dillon a hug.  Brandon, Dillon's dad, stands behind them and Ken is to his right.  That's Dillon's brother, Cooper, in the red shirt.

Dillon gave Jenny the first medal he ever won in the Transplant games.  WOW!

Jen listening to Alex's heart.


Jen, Dillon, Brandon, Haley, Cooper and Laura.  Wonderful family!  Alex's heart is surely in the right place.

Brandon and Dillon getting ready to be interviewed by one of the TV stations.

Jen's interview.

Hanging out.  The man in the yellow shirt is Dillon's grandfather.

Dillon and Ken.

Dillon and Jen being silly.

Simon usually steals the show but he growled at the camera men so Jen, Ken, and Galen got on TV and Simon and I stayed out of the way.  After all the television interviews were over (there were three TV stations so the interviews took quite a while) we all went to dinner together, which was so enjoyable and relaxing after all the media to-do.  We hugged goodbye for now but a bond has been formed between our two families and we will stay in touch.

On the way home, we noticed snow on Pikes Peak - something we hadn't seen since we arrived here.  According to the evening news, there was enough snow to close the Pikes Peak Highway.


  1. K, this is such an incredible story; so heart-warming and life-affirming! We are all blessed and touched with your sharing it with us. hugs!

  2. wow, such a sweet picture of her listening to his heart, goodness. what a story.

  3. What an incredible and moving story Karen. It is so amazing that Alex lives on in Dillon.