Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Went to Calico Rock today to do some geocaching in the area. Didn't find a single one but drove some pretty back roads, had a nice lunch, and bought some fresh produce at a farmer's market. Then we headed toward the Timbo area to see an underground house. We looked into building underground decades ago, but moved to San Antonio and then to the RV instead. We don't plan to hang up the keys in the near future, but are starting to think about where we might want to stop when we do.

Here we are recording our CD. We've got nine songs recorded so far and will finish recording and mastering and printing the CD in the fall.

The Long Ago String Band did a great job Sunday night as usual.

Played Mozart with Bill, Susan, Kathy, and Galen yesterday. The Mozart piece is a canon for four dulcimers and so far we only have three. Most of the dulcimer players around here don't flat or fingerpick much but it is my favorite so I'm glad to have found Bill and Susan.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Pedometer

I have used my new pedometer for three days and does seem to inspire me to keep moving. I got over 8500 steps today and 64 minutes of them were aerobic. I walked 3.39 miles.

New Dulcimer

Bought a new McSpadden baritone dulcimer last Friday. Here is a scrapbook page of my two "babies".

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Doggy Bag

This is what the journaling says in case you can't read it:

Jack and Mary sent us this photo today along with a story that is
so typically Henry:
Jack and Mary left their Whataburger leftovers from breakfast
on the beach in the bag, left Henry and Major in the car, and went
for a walk on the beach. On their return to the car they could see
Major looking at them and then looking at something going on in the
car. What was going on was Henry bouncing back and forth from the
front seat to the back seat. In his attempt to lick every tiny, yummy
morsel out of the bottom of the bag he poked his nose right through
the bag and got himself this hilarious (at least to us) predicament.
We are so glad Jack got this priceless photo before rescuing Henry.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Missing Henry

Henry wasn't getting better so was put to sleep yesterday. His ashes will be scattered at a farm in Heber Springs. I like to picture him running through the fields and breathing easily.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Perfect Weather

Weather today is gorgeous!

Galen is volunteering with clean up at the Ozark Folk Center which opens this weekend. Big festival downtown this weekend too.

I cleaned all morning and this afternoon dropped off two travel bugs and a geocoin. Here is a photo of the geocoin taken at the yummy Upper Crust Bakery in Austin. The instructions said the geocoin likes to eat in out of the way places so first we took it to the bakery and I just left it near the Skillet Restaurant. It should be happy now.

Little Henry was better yesterday but not doing great yet so we are still worried about him.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The scrapbook page I posted here a few days ago is layout of the day at DSP today. DSP is digitalscrapbookplace.com. It is my first LOTD!

We are having lunch at JoJo's, on the banks of the fast moving White River, with Buster and Joanne. They have the best hush puppies there. I don't bother to eat them most places but eat too many here. Good grilled catfish, too.

Buster makes the most beautiful hardwood baskets and we bought two of them yesterday. We were amazed to learn how many saw blades he goes through making these works of art. He literally buys a gross of them at a time and is currently making his way through the second gross!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scrapbook Day

I did several digital scrapbook pages today but this is my favorite.

Photos were taken during a geocaching day in
Austin last month.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recycled News - 1881

I uploaded my second Squidoo lens this morning: A collection of excerpts from the San Antonio Light, January-June 1881

My first lens: A funny story about a coffin war in Nevada, 1881.

To read my tweets:


Had an eventful first day on the road this season. Managed to scrape off the air conditioner and refrigerator vent covers with some low leafy branches. The covers were pretty old and brittle. The next day we drove 407 miles to Camping World in Little Rock and spent the night in their parking lot. Left Camping World at noon the next day with new covers and a new air conditioner and made it to Mountain View in time for the Tuesday night potluck. Life is good!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My First Blog

Learned Twitter, Facebook, and Squidoo this week. Why not Blogger, too?