Sunday, April 19, 2009

Doggy Bag

This is what the journaling says in case you can't read it:

Jack and Mary sent us this photo today along with a story that is
so typically Henry:
Jack and Mary left their Whataburger leftovers from breakfast
on the beach in the bag, left Henry and Major in the car, and went
for a walk on the beach. On their return to the car they could see
Major looking at them and then looking at something going on in the
car. What was going on was Henry bouncing back and forth from the
front seat to the back seat. In his attempt to lick every tiny, yummy
morsel out of the bottom of the bag he poked his nose right through
the bag and got himself this hilarious (at least to us) predicament.
We are so glad Jack got this priceless photo before rescuing Henry.

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