Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Went to Calico Rock today to do some geocaching in the area. Didn't find a single one but drove some pretty back roads, had a nice lunch, and bought some fresh produce at a farmer's market. Then we headed toward the Timbo area to see an underground house. We looked into building underground decades ago, but moved to San Antonio and then to the RV instead. We don't plan to hang up the keys in the near future, but are starting to think about where we might want to stop when we do.

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  1. Where exactly is Calico Rock? Dianne just sent us your blog. Sounds like you are still enjoying yourselves. We've had lots of company this summer here in Cape Charles. We are looking forward to Fall some down time. I'm of to Manuga Nicaragua in late September a mission trip. Let us hear from you sometime Jay and Carolyn Wiegner