Friday, April 27, 2012

Galen made the front page!

Look who is on the front page!  This photo was taken in the pickin' park in downtown Mountain View.

Fifty Six, Arkansas

Red clover

This old barn photo was taken on Balentine Road in Fifty Six.

We found a geocache under this bridge.

This is Balentine not Ballentine country but we took a photo of the sign anyway.

Photos of this field of red clover were taken on Rt. 87 on the way to Fifty Six.  Rt. 87 is very winding, as many roads around here are, but is particularly scenic in the spring and fall.

The field was filled with busy, humming bees.

Mountain View Folk Festival

We have been visiting Mountain View for many years but don't usually get here in the spring so miss the Folk Festival, a fun festival much like Beanfest without the beans.  If you look close, you can see that Elvis is driving the pink cadillac.

School house concert

We went to a wonderful concert in a building that was a school up on Dodd Mountain until the 1940s.  The acoustics and intimacy of the venue made for an excellent concert.

April 27 - Fuzz free

No more fuzzies.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12 - No more beard

Galen won't look like this next time you see him.  He shaved his beard off today.

April 11 - Yard Party

The Mountain View gang got together this afternoon for music, bocce balls, chatter, lots of laughter, and food.
Great playing and singing was enjoyed by all.


Galen trying to remotely guide his ball away from the flower garden.

Galen, Jack, Roger, and Donny.  Congratulations to Galen and Jack, the undefeated champions!  They played and won one game.

The guys measure the distance before getting the ball out from under the car.

Time to eat!

March 30 - On the Road Again

We finally made it out of San Antonio!  We'd planned to spend a few days in Denton and visit family but that plan was foiled by a slide that wouldn't go all the way in.  Luckily it was an easy fix - we just needed to get the slide back on track and tighten the tension on the chain and we were ready to roll.  We saw the remains of a spectacular accident on I-35 before we even got out of town.  A semi blew a tire, hit one of those overhead structures that directional signs are put on, and the structure fell on the semi behind the first semi.  No one was hurt, but what a mess!  We left town three hours after the accident and traffic was still backed up for six miles.  Lucky for us the accident was in I-35 South and we were headed north!

A rainy winter makes for very nice bluebonnets and we saw a lot of them along the road from San Antonio to Corsicana.

We spent one night in a church parking lot in Corsicana and two nights in the driveway of our friends in Texarkana.  Becky and Donny were once full time RVers but now have a house and a new dog named Lizzie.  They still have their RV and followed us to Mountain View a week later.

We attended Sunday school and church at Hardy UMC in Texarkana.  What a lovely church.

Everyone was so friendly.  My photos don't begin to do these windows justice but they are beautiful.  The windows were in the back of their old church and people said they wouldn't go to the new church if the windows didn't go, too, so there they are right up front!