Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Crystal Bridges Art Museum

We had heard wonderful things about Crystal Bridges for a number of years and this year, thanks to our friend Mary from San Antonio was visiting Crystal Bridges, inspired us to get there.  It was a wonderful trip!  Weather was perfect and the dogwoods at Crystal Bridges and all the way there and all the way back were gorgeous.

Crystal Bridges - a small part of this beautiful complex.

Another view.

Inside one of the galleries.

Interesting artwork.

This is in the 20th Century gallery and looked a bit spooky.  I made it a bit spookier in Photoshop.

Galen perfectly posing with another piece of art in the 20th Century gallery.

This is called Summer Night and I really like it - I don't remember who the artist is.

Andrew Wyeth is the artist for this one.

One of the galleries.

Button button, who's got the button.  This piece is covered entirely with buttons.

This was so amazing I didn't take a photo but Galen did.  This sculpture is at least twice life-sized and is so real right down to a stubble of beard.
The coffee shop and cafeteria at Crystal Bridges.  It was even prettier out the other side but we never got over there.

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