Friday, February 21, 2014

Alabama Geocaching Event in Foley, AL

Lu, Larry, Karen, Galen, and Chris at a Geocaching Event in Foley, Alabama.  Chris is from Mobile and we met him at the event.

There was a vendor at the event selling cool geocaching goodies.  See the numbers on the back of her vehicle?  They are travel bug numbers that turn her car into a moving travel bug.

We didn't take part in the entire event - just the poker run.  We had to find five sites, pick up an envelope at each site, and after finding all five we turned in our envelopes to see what kind of poker hand we had.  I won a geocache container that I can use when we settle down or find someone somewhere who will maintain it.

More travel bug numbers.  These were on the back of the shirt Chris was wearing.

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