Friday, February 21, 2014

Dauphin Island

Galen and I got up early and headed 30 miles south toward Gulf Shores to catch the ferry to Dauphin Island but the ferry never left the island because of fog.  So we drove the 30 miles back and then 60 more miles to reach our destination.  This photo of the ferry was taken in Dauphin Island where the ferry spent the whole day.

We played music for two hours and then enjoyed an excellent lunch prepared by our good Dauphin Island/Mountain View friends.

They are excellent cooks!
Normally fog burns off late in the morning but not here, at least not today.  We drove home in patchy, thick fog.  This is the entrance of the Bayway Tunnel.
Inside the tunnel.

Once out of the tunnel we were back in the fog all the way across the Bayway.  Once we were away from the water, the fog was not much of a problem.

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