Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sep 29 - The Gathering - Day Four

We looked forward to this panel discussion all week and were not disappointed.  The two men on the left talked about what Mountain View was like when there were no roads in the area - they didn't get paved roads until the 1960s!  And they told us how they would get together once a week in one of the courtrooms to play music because it was the only place big enough for an audience.  A bunch of the musicians from Mountain View went to Washington DC to perform and lobby for opening the Folk Center and that must have been quite an eventful trip because their memories of it were still so bright and clear and fun to listen to.  The discussion was videotaped and I'll come back with more information after I watch it and think to take notes.

As you can see, Pam is not an old timer but the man in the photo above is her Dad so she grew up with all the old timers and is an excellent musician herself.  Stay tuned for updates to day four.

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