Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Take a Hike - Aug 20

Wondering why I posted this photo?  See the bits of yellow in the trees in the background?  Those are aspen and they are proof that fall is on its way to Colorado.  The trees will be a brilliant yellow soon - a sight to see but not for us this year.  It was 56 degrees inside our house when we got up this morning and it is about time for us to hitch up our "house" and drop down about 7000' to warmer weather.

Jen, Galen and Deja took a hike up the mountain this morning.  There is no way my knees would appreciate coming down such a steep grade but Jen said Galen hiked like a youngster.

I am sure Jen would want me to tell you that is not all her under that jacket.  It looks like an inopportune breeze puffed it up but the tree was really cool so....   :-)

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