Friday, August 24, 2012


We've driven past this place a number of times this summer but decided to stop and check it out.  The gift shop was closed but we paid our $5 for the carload (four of us and one dog) and had lots of fun looking around and taking photos.  Supposedly aliens have been spotted around here since the 1600s.

We didn't stay the night.

We had a ball wandering around the garden to see what people left.  There was a lot of money, mostly coins and one of the coins was a looney from Canada.  It is very bad karma to take anything from the garden so the coins we saw are still there.  There were quite a few cell phones lying around, too.  We didn't feel either the clockwise or counterclockwise vortex.  Jen and Ken left a bell and we left a small Altoids box with one Altoid in it.

Our offering to the garden.

We took this photo for our Mountain View friends.  The alien is wearing Galen's Mountain View hat along with a whole lot of other stuff people hung on him, but Galen took his hat back.

Here comes a UFO now looking for a parking place.

The Watchtower.

A view of the Garden from the Watchtower.

Had to get at least one rabbit ears photo.   :-)

Wiry little guy.

Galen looks like he is watching intently for UFOs but I expect his eyes are closed behind his glasses.

Ken, Jen and alien friend.

The End.

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