Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cathedral Valley - June 11, 2009

Larry and Lu decided to celebrate their anniversary by renting a 4-wheel drive car to drive Cathedral Valley and invited us along. The road is almost 60 miles long, remote, rough in places, sandy in others, and loaded with washes that become quite dangerous in rain. Rain renders roads with any bentonite in them impassable. (Bentonite is a clay that gets gooey and very slippery.) We could see rain at the edges of the valley, but it never rained on us in the six hours it took us to get back to Utah Rt. 24. We took many photos.


  1. Hey Galen and Karen, we miss you in Mountain View. From all the pictures you have taken, I can see you are enjoying yourselves. Wish we were there with you. We are looking forward to seeing you guys again in Sept and Oct. Have fun!
    Bill and Janice

  2. Welcome to my blog! We are having a good time but miss Mountain View, too. Larry and Lu are parked right next to us and we are playing quite a bit of music. We've been watching temps in Mountain View and like ours better. :-)