Saturday, July 18, 2009

Utah: Burr Trail/Notom Road - July 15

We left Torrey at 9am today and took Rt. 12 to Boulder. We stopped just this side of Boulder to find a geocache and discovered then that there was a problem with a locked brake on our rental 4-wheel drive Kia. The kind folks at Thousand Lakes RV park promptly delivered another rental and while we waited the hour or so it took them to get there, we found another geocache and bought cookies - 8" cookies - just in case we got stranded in the wilderness. :-)

The first 35 miles of the Burr Trail are paved and quite scenic, but after the pavement ends it gets drop dead gorgeous! I took 135 photos and had a difficult time picking out a handful of them. Once again, the photos just can't do this place justice.

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