Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 9 - Longview, WA

We took a trip to Longview, WA today and it is not unusual to for us to check out libraries when we go sightseeing.  This was quite a nice library that was donated by one of the early founders of Longview.

A sculpture outside the library.

Inside the library.

This squirrel (the one on the right - the one on the left is just squirrely) is on the library grounds and is a memorial to the man who came up with the Nutty Narrows.

The Nutty Narrows is a bridge for squirrels that goes over a busy street in Longview to make street crossings safer for squirrels.  The bridge has been so successful (I'm not sure if it has been more successful for squirrels or for drawing tourists into town) that the city has ordered more squirrel bridges.

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