Friday, June 10, 2011

June 4 and 5 - Mt. St. Helen's

Larry, Lu, Galen and I went to Mt. St. Helen's on June 4.  This is a panorama shot I took that turned out well.
We hiked in a lava tube (Ape Cave) on the other side of Mt. St. Helen's on June 5, but it is totally dark in there and none of my photos turned out.  We took a walk through a lava field after going into Ape Cave and if we'd wanted to (we didn't!) we could have gone down these stairs and crawled through a much smaller and shorter lava tube.  The round hole is formed by what is left after lava surrounds a tree and the tree is burned away.  Holes like this were all over the lava field.

Larry looks like he just came out of the lava tube, but he was just taking photos.  The two guys in the background are standing at the ladder where the lava tube begins.

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