Monday, August 22, 2011

August 1-2: Sheldon, IL

Crys trying out my trike.

Sonny's turn.

We parked our RV in Sonny and Crystal's front yard for the night and the next morning we had our first but not our last experience with amazing omelets.  They were amazing and delicious.

After polishing off our omelets we went and found a few geocaches, including one at a seriously haunted house!  It was hot out so we stopped for ice cream and then went back and had a fish fry!  We didn't think we could eat again so soon, but it turns out we were way wrong.  Everything was so good:  Onion rings, home made potato chips, zucchini, and fish caught and cleaned by Sonny.  In addition to all this, they sent us home with luscious blackberry jam and veggies from Sonny's garden.  I didn't get any photos but we had 1.5 games of Mexican train so I we'll have to go back one day and finish up that half a game.  

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