Monday, July 23, 2012

Alamosa to La Veta Pass by Train

We took a steam engine train ride from Alamosa to La Veta Pass mainly to see Kathy Barton and Dave Parra perform and were not disappointed.

Our good friends, Larry and Lu, also like Barton and Parra so we had to get this photo just to torment them.  :-)

This photo was taken toward the end of the concert when Michael Martin Murphy and Kathy and Dave played together.

Michael Martin Murphy was a really good sport when the power went out.  He got off the stage and played a few bars of mariachi music - all he knew.  Power was soon restored by a generator and the show went on.

This photo was taken from the window of the train.

The concert was held outdoors in the middle of gorgeous nowhere.  The place is totally off the grid because it is so remote.

I took this shot up the hill from the stage.

I love this shot Galen took from the train window as we pulled into the station at La Veta Pass.

Here is the train coming back from the town of La Veta to pick us up after the concert.

All aboard for Alamosa.

Another shot from the window of the train.

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