Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Geocaching in Labelle, FL

Larry, Lu, Galen went geocaching in Labelle today.

Larry on the best climbing tree in Labelle.

A second cache is located on an island near the climbing tree.

We thought this was the climbing tree at first, but there was an even better tree a little further on.

Lu found the cache.

Part of the climbing tree.
A cache was located in this very pretty park we would never have discovered on our own.  It was a perfect day for walking the trails.

The cache here is a virtual cache.  There is no physical log to sign but there were two questions to answer or a photo to take to prove we were there.

Larry found this bug in the cache and without our noticing put it on his shoulder.  Lu screamed a warning to him and I screamed at Galen to get a photo.  In my defense, I didn't think the bug looked dangerous and it wasn't.  It wasn't even real. 

We shot this photo on the way home from Labelle because we thought our nephew from Kansas would find it interesting.  There are a bunch of trucks full of oranges on the roads this time of year.

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  1. He did think it was interesting! He wanted to know if they were Cuties (Clementines).