Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jen and Ken's dogs

The dogs aren't exactly in time out but they can't be running around loose with builders and inspectors on the property.  They are up much of the night chasing away coyotes and such so don't really mind some nap time in the kennel during the day.

This is the baby of the dog family, a Great Pyrenees puppy with a sweet, sweet disposition.

Playing with a ball.

Playing with the cat.  I must admit watching this unnerved me a bit but apparently these two do this all the time and the cat is sometimes the instigator.

Simon is the old man and by far the smallest dog in the family.

Simon and I are buddies and have been since we first met in Kentucky when Jen and Ken were riding their trikes across the USA.  Simon remembers me and is happy to see me even when we've been apart for a year or more.  I am wearing my Colorado Parks and Wildlife Volunteer hat and shirt which I might not do again next time I go visit all the dogs and kitties.  :-)

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