Wednesday, May 21, 2014


We went out in the boonies with friends to hike out to a waterfall.  If we'd been smarter, we would have turned around here and headed back home but we weren't....

....but we weren't and got good and stuck between a hill we couldn't get up and a big, gooey mud puddle behind us.  There was tiny sandy place on one side of the road and a rocky bank on the other.  Of course we got stuck in the sandy place, too and the license plate didn't survive the bank in front of us.  It only took four guys and me pushing and about a 47 point turn to get us turned around and on our way.  The waterfall was within walking distance but we'd had enough adventure for one day and went home.

The trip wasn't a total disaster.  We stopped at this very nice overlook on the way to getting stuck and that was nice.

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