Thursday, June 26, 2014

Treasure Falls

We stopped at Treasure Falls in time to get a photo of a young man feeding chipmonks.

This one hoped I had some sunflower seeds to share, too, but we didn't.

This is a photo of Treasure Falls taken from the parking lot.  The only sign we saw said the trail was closed.

Another parking lot photo.

We stopped at Treasure Falls on the way back from Pagosa Springs and found the trail.  It was hiding at the far end of the park.  This photo was taken from part way up the trail.

A photo of the falls taken from the bridge.

The falls emptying into a small pool.  We didn't get many photos because a family was in and out of the pool and in the way too much and too long.

Me safely behind the barrier.  The family, including small children, outside the safety of the barrier.  I wonder if the parents didn't like their kids any more.  I could feel the mist from the falls.

The bridge is part way up the trail.

There were a lot of these pretty little flowers on the trail.

The 1/4 mile trail looked like it was pretty steep before switchbacks replaced stairs.

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