Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fun at Great Sand Dunes NP

Angela, Jen (acting foolish), Kayla, Rosie, and Galen in the Dunes. 

A Sand Man!  The teeny little people give you some idea of how huge the Dunes are.

Jen jumping down a dune.

Looking back over the dunes we have just hiked over.

The plan:  Angela went to the bottom of the dune so she could photograph Kayla and Jen sliding down the dune but they didn't slide so scooted down to the bottom.

What goes down must come up.  We were lucky that it had rained the night before making the dunes a bit easier to climb and it was cloudy so it was cool.  But it was still not an easy climb especially if you, like Angela, had just gone from an altitude of less than 800' to 7800'.

Angela - arms, legs, and hat visible.

Angela - arms, face and hat visible.

Angela - top of hat visible

Galen to the rescue.

Made it!  Sort of.  :-)

Photo taken from outside the park.

Kayla and Rosie.

Medano Creek was still running which was a nice surprise.

Tiger Beetle in the Dunes.

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