Wednesday, September 23, 2015

San Luis Valley photos

I haven't posted here much in a while.  I have been working on books (I now have two books published on Kindle and am working on a 3rd and 4th.) my other blog,, though.

This is our first fall in the San Luis Valley and so far it has been beautiful.

Our bees are doing well.

The sunflowers come out in the Valley in August and line the sides of the roads.  Very pretty!  These are in our garden.

This photo was taken July 12, and Medano Creek, at the Great Sand Dunes NP, is running wider and faster than I've ever seen it.

We took a friend out to see the Dunes on September 19.  Medano Creek was dried up above ground and the aspens in the Rockies were really pretty.

We've been in the Valley the last four summers and never saw anything but dust in San Luis Lake until this year.

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