Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2, Rain

Kentucky has been experiencing drought conditions for some time, but now the problem is too much rain - as much as 8" of rain in the last two days.  We saw two vehicles in the ditch on the way to Richmond this afternoon and three more on the way home.  The road at exit 77 was closed because it is completely covered by water.

 Our campground is at exit 76 and this is what we came home to tonight.  The water outside our front door is literally over my ankles.  Galen was so sweet and waded into the house to get my Crocs so I wouldn't ruin my Birkenstocks.
There are RV sites hiding under all this water making a lighthouse in Kentucky seem perfectly natural.


  1. Love the photos - especially the one with the lighthouse - looks like it is needed at the moment.

  2. Our TV news has just caught up with this! Ben hearing a lot about it on the GT. Hope things improve for you soon. Hugs ...