Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 22 - Ferne Cliff SP

Jen and Simon heading for their campsite in Ferne Clyff National Park.  Galen and I picked up salads for all and met them in the park for a late lunch.  We returned to Marion about 6:30, hitched up and went to Chester, IL.

Popeye and his friends are everywhere in Chester thanks mainly to the couple who after years of living somewhere else and saving Popeye memorabilia opened a store in Chester.  People told them they'd never make it but they have and have done wonders for this town.  There are statues all over town and more on the way.  There is a Popeye picnic in the fall and thousands of folks come from miles away.  Even people from other countries love Popeye and he is everywhere in Chester, even on the mayor's business cards.  How much nicer to think of Popeye when you think of Chester instead of thinking of John Wayne Gacy who was imprisoned at Menard Prison in Chester for years before being put to death by legal injection.  Gacy, the Killer Clown, murdered about 30 young boys.

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