Friday, February 4, 2011

Feb 3 - Law abiding icicles

This photo makes us laugh.  It is nice that we can still laugh after no electricity for 20 hours during the coldest weather in Texas in 15 years.  It was in the mid 70s here just a few days ago and last night and part of today we were trapped on the island because the bridge was closed due to ice. No worries though.  We had plenty of propane (thanks to one man who came out in freezing and rainy weather to fill tanks all over the park), food, water, and four 6V batteries to keep the furnace and lights running.  And my Kindle was fully charged so what more could we want?  Well, maybe one thing - our heated mattress pad!  The sun came out around noon today, the wind that has been beating us up for three days subsided, and the ice began to melt, but freezing temps are still possible tonight.  Saturday and Sunday should be better. 

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