Friday, May 18, 2012

May - National Knife Cutting Championship

We went to the Folk Center, in the rain, to see the Knife Cutting Competition and found it to be very interesting - interesting enough to watch it in the rain in the morning and return in the afternoon for the finals.  The photo above is of the course, a timed course.  It starts and ends with cutting through a 2x4 with an assortment in cutting challenges in between.

This man was the winner today and he's holding a knife that was chipped by a competitor when he missed the 2x4 and hit a screw in the table.  There is a 5 point deduction for that.

This is a view of the course taken from the other end.  Note the straw to the left of the single water bottle.  It is one of the most hated cuts of the course because the straw has to be cut above where it bends.  A grape sitting on a tee also gave most of the guys a problem.  The single water bottle is cut in half vertically and the 10 bottles are cut in half horizontally.  (The record for horizontal bottles is around 20.)  The hanging ropes must be cut between the red tapes but the dowel needs to be cut on the tape.  There are no second chances to make the cuts.
This is a video of part of the course.

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