Sunday, May 27, 2012

On the Square in Mountain View, AR

The Square in Mountain View is the place to be on a Saturday night even if you are a sleepy dog named Little wearing plastic bags tied together for a leash because your owner forgot to bring one along from her home in Fifty Six, Arkansas.

A free Saturday night show has been organized on the courthouse stage.  It has become quite popular in only a few weeks.
Wes, Mary, and Mike on the courthouse stage.  Mary is only six and stopped by to play a couple of tunes and do some jig dancing.

But there is still plenty of music going on in other parts of the courthouse square, in the pickin' park, and on the porches of Minnie's and the music store.  Galen is playing his washtub with  the youngsters at Minnie's.

See the people in line in the background?  Most of them are buying ice cream cones, the vice of choice in this dry county.  This past holiday weekend there were literally 1000 people downtown on Saturday night and 25 people in line at this ice cream shop and the one across the street.  The fact that Stone County is a dry county means there aren't drunks spilling beer on you and causing trouble.  Imagine that - anywhere from a hundred to a thousand people of all ages enjoying themselves almost every evening all summer long without booze.   

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