Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is on - a perfect opportunity for me to add a few more photos to the blog.  Our "house" is in the background of this photo of a sandhill crane.  I am smitten with these huge birds.  I always carry a camera and shot this photo while out riding my trike.

We moved a few sites down a few days ago.  Larry & Lu and Galen & I are the only ones out on this side of the pond - a very pleasant place to be.  The four of us sit under a tree between our two RVs and play music.  We sit closer to the pond in the warm sun around 4:00 pm and this afternoon three sandhill cranes and a small blue heron walked by at the edge of the pond.

X marks the spot and there were several spots marked in the sky during happy hour yesterday.

We attended Sunday school and church at Carlson Memorial United Methodist Church this morning and look forward to returning next week.  Lots of nice people there doing good things for the community of Labelle, FL.

Galen has undertaken the huge job of scrubbing the rig with Barkeepers Friend and then applying at least four layers of floor polish.  That is not a typo.  Zep floor polish does a great job on RVs.  I am unable to be more than moral support since my old knee has taken a turn for the worse.  The new knee is doing great.

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