Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day weekend

After getting mostly set up in site 3 we were moved to site 51, pictured above, because the water to 3 was contaminated.  After getting mostly set up in site 51 we learned that water in the entire park was being shut off because it was contaminated with nitrates.  So there we were in a park with 51 sites and NO water except for toilets and showers.  The rangers went to Alamosa and brought back gallons of water to give to campers who needed it.  We stayed put in site 51 until most all of the campers had left and then moved back to our original site.  The water may not be turned back on for up to two weeks.

We are at San Luis State Park.  All the dust you see at the bottom of the photo is from where a very large lake once was.  There is no lake at all any more.

I was so excited to see snow on the peaks when we arrived.

This photo doesn't begin to do justice to the moonrise we saw one evening.  The moon was full and we watched it start from a tiny sliver in the dip to the right of Mt. Blanca.


  1. Beautiful! But last weekend was Memorial Day - is that what you mean?

  2. Nice. Glad you are liking it.