Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mountain View - early May

Bess, Joyce, Mary, and Galen perform at the Folk Center.

The Mountain View volunteer sewing brigade made cloth name tags and luggage tags (nearly all the dulcimer bags look the same so we made a variety of luggage tags) in the pickin' shed.  Profits from the luggage tags, along with all other profits from the Gathering in September, will go to three local charities.

This pretty bluebird had a home in a birdhouse next to our RV.

I wove this purse with strips of batik on a cardboard loom and my friend, Sue, will line it for me.  It will then be donated to the Gathering raffles.

We discovered schneckens at a bakery in Astoria, OR and this is the result of my second attempt to make them.  My first try resulted in the caramel going over the edge of the pan and filling the house with smoke.  I won't make them very often since they are full of butter and brown sugar but they sure are good!

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