Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 10 - Yellowstone

It sure is hard to pick just a few photos from Yellowstone, but I've done my best.  Unfortunately, no photo, no matter how good, can do Yellowstone justice.  It is amazing to watch and hear the mud boil in the paint pots and see the water boil in the springs and feel the warmth of the steam as it blows over you.   It is somewhat terrifying to know that the earth's crust is so thin that if you step in the wrong place you could fall through and be boiled alive, which is exactly the cause of most Yellowstone deaths.  I just learned that Old Faithful eruption times need to be calculated each morning when the Ranger comes in at 8:00 a.m. (during the summer) so you can't check the day ahead.  These last two photos were taken at the Grand Prismatic Spring which is extremely colorful so most people were were taking photos on that side of the boardwalk, but I couldn't resist shooting the patterns and reflections on the other side of the boardwalk, too.


  1. Outstanding photos, Karen. Thanks for sharing!!! You are the best Travel Guide I've ever known. :hug:

  2. some day I definitely want to go there!!!