Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aug 20 - Beaverhead County Museum

I hopped on Galen's bike this morning and went to the very nicely done Beaverhead County Museum in downtown Dillon.  I was allowed to take photos, but only without a flash so I didn't get very many good ones.  This one didn't start out all that great.  I worked on it in Photoshop so I could get it on my blog but I couldn't do this amazing fireplace justice.  All that is known about the man who built it is his first name and that he walked everywhere he went.  After I admired the fireplace, the very nice lady working in the museum told me about a wall a block away built by the same man.
The wall

Back inside the museum.  The jail gate on the left is made of wrought iron and was used at the jail in Armstead about 1907.  It took four men to lift it.  On the right is a cell door from the old Dillon jail used around 1886.
This is Beaverhead County's first flush-toilet outhouse and is located just outside the main part of the museum.

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