Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 11 - Baker's Hole Campground

We stayed at the beautiful Grizzly RV Park in downtown West Yellowstone, MT our first two nights in this area.  Even at $46 a night it is tough to get a site for any length of time so we moved three miles to Baker's Hole, a National Forest Service Campground for $14 a night.  No water or sewer hookups but we have good electricity and grizzly bears.  What more could we want?  EEEK!  The good news is that only one grizzly strolls through here about once a month.  The bad news is that it was here three weeks ago!  The Madison River flows along one edge of the campground and following the path along the river makes for a very pleasant walk.  (The weather has been perfect and that is good, too.)  We saw a bald eagle on our walk yesterday afternoon.  Moose, bison, and elk also hang out along the river sometimes.  We'll be here until at least Sunday.

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