Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 21 - Busy Day

We only had two full days in Newport so after naps we went back out again.  First stop was back to the Punchbowl to get an after photo.

Before at minus tide

After at not quite high tide.

Looking north from the punchbowl - the tide pools underwater.

This photo was taken in Depoe Bay and when the waves come in to this narrow little strip just right the water spouts out and you can hear a moaning sound - This is what is called a spouting horn.

This shows more of the area of the spouting horn.  We've been there to see the waves splash up over the sea wall and onto the sidewalk and even a bit into the street and we have heard the "horn", but not today.  :-(

This photo was taken at Boiler Bay, another place a mile north of Depoe Bay that can get pretty wild.  There are tide pools here, too, but these are the most dangerous of the tide pools to visit and a number of people have been killed here.  Migrating whales come through here.

Cape Foulweather.  We took a wrong turn and ended up on the Otter Crest Loop which turned out to be quite a nice serendipity.  Somehow when we were here in 2002 and 2003 we missed Cape Foulweather.  There is a nice gift shop here and an even nicer view.  The piece of land that juts out into the middle of the photo is the area of the Devil's Punchbowl.

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