Friday, April 1, 2011

March 27 - Leaving Roswell

McDonald's - Roswell, NM

These people are here at Bottomless Lakes State Park for an Escapee's rally and since we are Escapees asked us to join them for happy hours.  Our last night there we were invited to a soup supper and birthday party.

Just before Trudie nearly dropped the cake on the ground her son-in-law told her not to drop the cake.  She's pretty quick though and caught it before it hit the ground.  Our RV is in the upper left hand corner of the photo.

The only slightly mangled cake.

We stopped in Roswell on our way out of town, found a side street to park our "house", and went to church at the First UMC on the way to Albuquerque.

One of the church members made this most impressive and highly detailed Noah's Ark.   There were even teensy tiny bird eggs in the tiny bird nests.

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  1. Love the Noah's Ark! (That was my first choice for Shepard's nursery but I never found any 2nd hand items, so we went with Bears instead.)