Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov 7 - Central Market

One of the nicest things about being back in San Antonio is Central Market, an upscale grocery store set up like a European Market.  We bring all of our visitors here.  They roll their eyes when we tell them we are going to a grocery store, but we haven't had a single ho hum response from one person after we get them there.  These photos are for Mary Jane, whom we are trying to lure to San Antonio.


I am told Central Market has 50 pastry chefs.

More beautiful bakery goodies.

We didn't count how many kinds of mustards there were.  You can't count them either because they wouldn't all fit in the photo.

Central Market has 450 kinds of cheese.  This guy is making mozzarella cheese.

Not pictured is the deli, the soups, the sushi bar, the coffee shop, etc.  One large section of the store has tables and chairs and a microwave so you can go and spend the day and not get hungry.  The very coolest part of the store is produce - half a dozen long aisles of it.

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