Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oct 22 - Paws for the Cause

Paws for the Cause is an annual fund raiser for the Humane Society in Mountain View, AR.  In addition to the very popular silent auction, the group sells donuts and this year Galen and I helped with the donut sales.  We didn't eat any of them.  Just sold them.  A truck was sent to pick up the donuts in Little Rock the night before the big event and the truck was stopped by the police - not because the police wanted a donut but because 15 boxes got loose and fell out of the truck.  An amazing number of people who ordered and paid for donuts didn't pick them up and all those boxes were re-sold so things turned out okay.

The best thing about going to Paws for the Cause is seeing all the dogs dressed up for the parade.

Hot dog!

Music, of course, is part of the event.  Emily Phillips, who is the granddaughter of one of our friends and made her first recording on our CD, was one of the performers.  She is an excellent musician!

Diane and Gator, friends from the RV park came over.   Galen's nickname is also Gator so we have fun with that.

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